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Lip Service - Find your perfect lipstick shade

Posted on 19 September 2015

Lipstick is lipstick, right? Wrong. Lipstick of course comes in a range of colours, textures, balms, glosses and variations. Finding the right shade to suit you is only the beginning. With prom season approaching, we help you to find the perfect shade for your lips!


Know Your Shape

Everyone’s lips are different shapes, with some people having a more prominent cupids bow, and others having fuller or thinner lips. Be aware of your lip shape, and be aware that when choosing your colours that darker colours will make your lips appear smaller, whereas lighter colours will make them appear bigger.

Always Have A Nude

In your lipstick collection, always have an everyday nude shade. This should always be only one or two shades darker than your natural lip colour. Even if you’re only going for a gloss, a nude tint will bring out your lips more - especially if you’re wearing foundation as this can make your lips more pale, and pale lips can make you appear ill.

Learn Your Undertone

The best way to learn about the undertones of your skin is to check the veins on your wrists. If they appear more blue - then generally your skin tone is cooler. The best colours to compliment cool skin tones are pink and purple shades as this will add warmth. If your veins appear more green in colour, then opt for orange, reds and browns.

Know Your Texture

Whether you’re someone who has a habit of licking your lips throughout the day, or your lips tend to be dry and slightly chapped - be aware of the texture of your lips in order to choose the best kind of lipstick for you. A matte lip stain will last longer than a regular lipstick if you constantly have wet lips - whereas if your lips are dry, or become dry in the colder months - opt for liquid lipsticks or glosses to avoid the pigments falling into your lip creases and clumping throughout the day.

Apply the finger moustache

When trying different shades in a store, apply to the side of your finger and hold over your lips like a moustache to see if it matches your skin tone or if it will suit you. This prevents you having to take off your existing makeup while shopping, and means you can avoid trying on the wrong shade only to be left with it stained to your lips for the rest of the day.

What’s your favourite lip shades and brands? We’d love to see your photos!

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