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Trend Alert: Hair Rings

Posted on 12 August 2016

Hair rings are the latest craze in hair fashion. Haven’t heard of them yet? They are exactly how they sound - small metal rings that vary in size from the size of a nose ring to the size of a keyring. They can be placed into just about any hairstyle you can think of and instantly add a little bit of punk rock glam to your look. Want to know how you can rock this easy hair trend? We give you our favourite ways to rock this new hair trend.


New to the trend? Try a couple of braids wrapping around your head, but keep the rest of your hair tousled and down. Braid a small section of your hair at the side and thread a few hair rings in for a subtle look.

Full braids aren't for everyone, but if you rock longer locks, you can thread hair rings into each individual braid to add some bling to an intricate hairstyle.

Cornrow plaits at the top of your head are an easy way to keep your hair out of your face, and this look can work well if you have shorter hair. Thread the rings into the braids, spacing them evenly apart to accomplish this look.

A tight skinny braid at the front with larger rings is a great way to rock the trend if you prefer to keep your hair long and straight, but still want to give it a go. Christina Aguilera loves this trend.

Need to keep your hair swept back for work? Try braiding rings into the sides, just around your ear for a subtle addition to a hairstyle. You can also use this style for formal events such as weddings or proms.

Not a fan of the keyring look? You can add charms to your hair rings for a festival vibe. If you can't find hair rings in your city, you can still accomplish this style by bending hanging earrings into shape and placing these in your braids.

A single braid on one side of your hair, bejweled with hair rings is perfect if you don't like spending a whole lot of time on your hair in the mornings. We love this casual look as well!


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