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The Tomboy Records

Posted on 19 September 2015

tomboy girls



The Tomboy look - yeah that’s right the Tomboy look! Time to swap the dresses and the heels for your favourite pair of kicks and an oversized tee shirt - think Cara Delevigne, Rihanna or Kristen Stewart! Although no one pulls off the I just woke up, threw on some cloths and look fabulously chic effect quite like Miss Kate Moss! Seriously what is it with woman who roll out of bed and onto the catwalk?



We wish we could look this effortlessly cool every time we wake up! How does she do it you ask - well it’s all about the basics. The combination of accessories, shoes, make-up, hair and go to wardrobe pieces. The effect should be somewhere between I couldn’t care less what I’m wearing and I’ve secretly paired all of the coolest pieces in my wardrobe together! If, like us, you are not lucky enough to wake up looking quite this fabulous - don’t worry because here at Fashionlife we have you covered and have a number of new season pieces that are perfect for creating this look (no more borrowing from the boys!).


Cara Karen Walker Ricochet


If you want to try the Cara look, we suggest finding your favourite sunglasses and some boots and pairing them with some Hailwood denim, the “Jessie” top from Ricochet and substitute the winter Jacket for a more Summer inspired streetwear accessory - The “Hammer and Glove” scarf from Karen Walker.


Rihanna look final




Want to try something more urban casual? You can get this look by pairing either the “Revolutionary Woman”, the “Embroidered Wreath” or the “Young, Willing and Eager” sweatshirt with your favourite denim (we recommend the unbelievably comfortable Hailwood denim) or shorts. To top this look off add a punchy, glitter of gold with the “Broken Heart” chain necklace and your favourite Ray-Ban inspired glasses!



Kristen look final




For the Kirsten Stewart effect - sorry we can’t help you with the brooding facials but why not try the “Digital Print” tee from Hailwood and some of Hailwood’s classic denim or if you are feeling a little more rebellious chic these statement gold “Juliette” jeans!



Kate and Ri look Final


half of K and R




For this Kate meets Rihanna combo try the either the "Long Boyfriend" tee from Karen walker or the "Kate" tee from Julian Danger. Pair that with the “Racing” shorts from Coop or your favourite denim cutoffs and either the “Shopkeeper” jacket or “Blake” blazer for a hint of daring. To add to the chic grunge effect and let everyone know that you have a little bit of superstar sass why not substitute the bulky handbag for the “Faster, Better and Stronger” tote from Karen Walker!



Contact sheet Rachelle 



To show you just how easy it is to put these looks together we dressed the fabulous Rachelle in the “Femme Fatale” tee and white “Racing” shorts from Coop and to soften the boy-meets-girl effect we added the “Broken Heart” necklace. To add the final touches Rachelle wore some of her own favourite boots and a pair of classic sunglasses. Our insider tip - for an extra pop of attitude tie your oversize tee to the side and layer up some accessories (we recommend layer some Misuzi jewellery)! You can also try pairing this looks with some simple pumps, classic chucks or even some basic flats.


So we have the clothing down, our resident makeup artist Paige informs us that the key to perfect tomboy make-up is to keep everything light and minimal. To begin with, start with a really light base. Think an on trend BB cream or mineral powder! You want something thats going to even out the skintone but is still going to let you beautiful skin show through. Ladies, emphasize those freckles! As for Miss Kate she has very defined cheekbones, so contouring is a must! Applying a bronzer along the hollows of the cheeks will help lift the face and create dimension.


A quick and easy idea that compliments Kate’s Tomboy look is taking a dark brown or black eyeliner and smudging it into both the upper and lower lash lines. This can be slapped on in seconds and won’t matter if it’s messy (honestly, the messier the better!). What you’re doing is creating a really soft and fast smokey eye - perfect for day or night! Pair this with a coat of mascara and you’re good to go! Finally, for any Tomboy look, Paige personally recommends that lips are left nude, either bare, with a dash of chapstick applied for moisture or with a slick of nude lippy. Don’t forget either, that lip prep is super important for a soft looking pout! Insider tip - try using a soft bristle toothbrush to remove all the gross dead skin on the top to leave you with a perfectly fresh, blank canvas to work on!


So that is how to create your own too-cool-to-care look! Be dauntless, be confident and be ready to bring a new type of style to your life!



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