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Why we love: Ruby Rose

Posted on 19 September 2015

Ruby Rose may already be a household name for ‘Orange is the New Black’ fans, but the gender-fluid actress could also be the next Cara Delevigne in the modelling world. Open about her gender fluidity, Ruby Rose comes as a breath of fresh air to the screen. Famed for her Instagram and model-worthy looks, the 29-year old is the latest ‘It’ girl. We run down our top five reasons as to why we love Ruby Rose.

#1 She has good selfie game

Whether she’s posting snaps of her dogs or giving Kim K a run for her money when it comes to selfie game - we love to keep up with Ruby Rose and love all the quirky photos that she posts.

#2 She shakes off gender labels

With many magazines picking up transgender models, the idea of being gender fluid and being open about sexual orientation has become extremely mainstream since the legalisation of same sex marriage in the US, alongside Caitlyn Jenner’s reveal. With her youtube short film entitled “Break Free” - Ruby encouraged the world to speak openly about gender fluidity, while raising awareness about important social issues and encouraging everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. Watch her film here.


#3 She’s a new kind of beautiful

With the news that Cara Delevigne has quit modelling because of double standards and to pursue acting - the modelling world has a spot wide open for an androgynous model. Armed with a fluid style that we’re envious of, an assymetric pixie cut and a body full of tattoos - Ruby Rose brings a new form of beauty into the light, and we’re excited to see her career in modelling kick off.


#4 Her and her fiancé make a perfect couple

Ruby Rose is engaged to Phoebe Dahl whose grandfather is Roald Dahl. Not only do the two make a beautiful couple, but they are both social activists, fashion forward and collectively extremely talented.


#5 She’s a triple threat

She can act, model and she can sing! Ruby released her first single with Gary Go entitled “Guilty Pleasure”. The dance beat song is incredibly catchy - and we hope that Ruby pursues a musical career alongside all her other endeavours and talents. Check out her song here.

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