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The September Girls

Posted on 19 September 2015

The September Issue is the biggest issue of the year when it comes to fashion magazines. Not only do they have the most content, advertising and famed celebrity covers - they also showcase the biggest fashion moments and events over the past year that will go down in fashion history. The September cover star is arguably the biggest fashion inspiration of the year. Always with a story to tell - landing a September cover is like landing a spot in the hall of fashion fame. We check out this month’s cover stars and how they earned this coveted shoot.


She is known as the Queen of Pop and is one of the most powerful women in
the music industry. Married to Jay Z - Beyonce has not only found success in her
career, but also in her personal life. With more than a decade of work behind her -
she has created an iconic legacy with her legendary voice, fashion, choreography
and worldwide tours. A mother, a wife and an icon - Beyonce has more than earned
the September cover this year.




September marks a special year for Elle Magazine as it celebrates it’s 30th year
in production, it shares it’s birthday with 30 year old Keira Knightley. Beautiful and
talented, Keira has grown up in the public eye through her acting work - and we
have watched her grow from a somewhat rebellious teen to a classy and
sophisticated woman. A new mother, Keira has been out of the spotlight for the
last while - so to some, this cover may seem like an odd choice. But as Elle
Magazine has grown and expanded over the years - it seems like an appropriate fit.



She’s one of the most popular models in the world, and Gigi Hadid finds her
rightful place on the cover of W magazine this year. In our digital world, Gigi has
built her career through her online connections and her all-American style - and
alongside other It-girls, Cara Delevigne (who recently announced her modelling
retirement) and Kendall Jenner - Gigi has taken the catwalk by storm this year.
We love the unique style of a black and white image for this cover - it seems very
digital, and with Gigi’s roots, it makes her the perfect fit!



She may be America’s sweetheart, but Taylor Swift has had her fair share of
controversy this year as she’s engaged in battles with other pop stars and caused
a strong divide in the pop industry. Current rival of Harpers Bazaar covergirl, Katy
Perry - we find it only appropriate that these two larger than life pop divas sit side
by side on newsstands this month to continue the controversy.



No other pop star has managed to change up her former squeaky clean image
and shock the world quite as much as Miley Cyrus has over the last year. She
may be a bit of a wild child, but the former Disney star looks polished and elegant
on the latest Marie Claire cover. Looking beyond her shocking antics, Miley is
strong-minded, an advocate for the LGBTQ community having recently been open
about her gender fluidity - and we really like the way that this softer side of the
outlandish pop starlet shines through on this cover. As one of the most talked about
celebrities in the world, everyone has an opinion of her, making this an amazing cover!



Following the pop star trend of this year’s September girls, Katy Perry has had a
whirlwind few years, and channels Elizabeth Taylor on the cover of Harpers Bazaar,
joining many others in the Icons edition of the magazine. As last year’s star of the
super bowl, Katy has been touring with her Prismatic World Tour over the last couple
of years. Building her own icon, we love this striking look.


Who is your favourite September covergirl? Was there anyone you would've
liked to see appear on a cover that missed out this year?

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