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Review: Gwen Stefani OPI Range

Posted on 19 September 2015


Gwen Stefani has teamed up with OPI and to date, has released 18 different limited edition nail polishes.  All of Gwen’s polishes are sold with general OPI polishes, but her line is advertised as a limited edition range - even though it was originally released in 2014, there’s no telling how long it will stick around for. With so many to choose from, we’re reviewing her 5 mainline polishes to give you an idea of what the rest of the collection could offer.

 All of the Gwen Stefani line can be purchased individually, but have been released as separate collections that can be purchased in collectable box sets.

Her first release “Over & Over A-Gwen” is a vibrant red polish, a nod to Gwen’s signature nails and her personal favourite colour. It can be bought in a collectable red box which looks similar to a fragrance box. Alongside the polish, which has Gwen’s autograph scribbled over the cap and the box, the box includes a set of swarvowski crystals and stick on studs and jewels. There is a little brochure inside too which offers ideas and photos of suggested nail art and designs. For any Gwen fan, the box and brochure features photographs of the singer too, so it’s a box you can add to your collections. The polish itself isn’t much different to any other red polish. It’s vibrant, long lasting and glides on smooth. Two coats of this with a top coat is recommended to give it a glossy finish. It’s priced slightly higher than the other polishes, because of the box design - but it’s well worth the purchase.

MTI2NTU1MTg0MjIxNDQwMDEwopi over and over a gwen swatches

The second release is the “Rock Starlets” box set which features 4 polishes: 4 in the morning, Hey Baby, I sing in Colour and Love Angel Music Baby. The box design isn’t as nice as “Over & Over A-Gwen”, but it’s nicer to purchase these as a box set rather than individually.

DSC 0737 64037.1409589939.1280.1280 1

4 in the morning is a black matte polish with a satin shimmer finish. It’s smooth and easy to apply, and like her first polish, 2 coats is enough to give you a flawless finish. Under certain lights, this polish will look like a pure matte black polish, whereas under direct light or in the sun, the slight shimmer will make an appearance. This is a nice novelty of this polish and separates it from other shimmer polishes.


Hey Baby is a neon pink polish. It’s bold and glides on easy with a glossy finish. Colour-wise, it’s not revolutionary, but it’s a bold girly barbie-style colour to add to your collection.

opi gwen stefani collection hey baby swatch swatches

I sing in colour is a dark red polish that appears almost brown. Be warned that in low lighting it does look black with the exception of around your cuticles or at your nail tips it can appear more red. It can give the feel of dark nails with bloody edges, but if you’re someone who loves black nails and wants to stray into something slightly (very slightly) lighter, than this could be great for you.

opi gwen stefani collection i sing in color swatch swatches

Love. Angel. Music. Baby is a gold shimmer matte polish. That may sound like an odd combination, but this polish is completely different in the dark versus in the light. In low lighting, it has the appearance of many of the gold sand polishes that OPI has previously released in other lines. It doesn’t have a mirror-like shine on it, but it doesn’t look as gritty as gold glitter polishes either. The look of it is somewhere in between. Add a top coat and wear it in the sunlight, and it instantly picks up the light with a beautiful gold leaf look to it. This polish is also great to accent the tips of black or dark nails (maybe try a little on the tips of your ‘i sing in colour’ nails for something different.

opi gwen stefani collection love angel music baby swatch swatches

All in all, the Gwen Stefani range has a great collection of colours and provides a smooth and long-lasting finish. We highly recommend the range, and hope that they’re not as limited as the advertising leads us to believe!

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