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A Wardrobe Full of Festivals

Posted on 19 September 2015

Karen Walker, Cooper, Julian Danger

 The days are getting hotter, the nights are getting longer and the music is getting louder! Yes, it’s music festival time of the year again (high fives all round). It doesn’t matter if you are off to Rhythm and Vines or reminiscing about Woodstock the music festival is thick with atmosphere and thicker with fashion.

Karen Walker, Trelise Cooper, Coop, Julian Danger, Cooper

In between shaking it like Bey in the mosh pit and uploading a plethora of selfies to instagram (#festivalface) you are likely to notice some serious fashion trends at these events and no-one wants to miss out on that! Never fear though, your music loving BFFs here at Fashionlife have the essentials for all of you musical escapades. So time to grab those tickets, grabs some friends, grab some sunshine and make your way to musical nirvana.

For those of you heading to the ever popular outdoor music festivals scattered around the country the only thing more essential than some sunscreen and a cellphone charger is this perfect dress! For a bohemian, Glastonbury meets Burning Man vibe try the “Pleats and Liars” dress from Coop in bloom, a floppy oversized hat, some boots (much more practical when partying in paddocks anyway) and layers of Misuzi jewellery. Alternatively, try the “Yo Pro” dress from Coop, there is nothing more free-love inspired and perfectly festival than a patterned, shirt dress! Pair this with some boots or the ever-essential chucks, your favourite specs and just the perfect amount of layered Misuzi chains. Or alternatively try the soft, floaty and adorable “Alpine Fairy” dress from Coop belted at the waist or the perfectly patterned and petite “Carla” cami from Julian Danger paired with the “Racing” shorts from Coop!


Karen Walker, Coop, Trelise Cooper, CooperL-R Karen Walker Faster Better and Stronger Tote, Coop Alpine Fairy Dress, Staple + Cloth Wrap Leather Belt, Karen Walker Flection Dress, Coop Pleats and Liars Dress in Bloom.

Those of you heading to more urban gatherings (think Laneways) and looking for a more alternative, (dare we say the H word) ensemble the “Rolled Cuff” Young, Willing and Eager print dress is perfect! Bold, graphic, typography meets the classic oversize tee dress - what more could you want? Well we think the Broken Heart scarf and the “Runaway girl” bracelet would be the icing on that indie cake. Festival tip - never underestimate the versatility of a scarf - yes they look great around your neck but they also make the perfect headband, belt, a faux robe, wristband or impromptu banner.

Then for a more easy, breezy and lax festival (think winery tour) there’s the “Flection” dress from Karen Walker. Peachy pink tones, just the right dash of vintage and the signature rose print make this dress more dreamy than a hot afternoon in January! Again perfect paired with flats or boots and just a sprinkle of silver jewellery.

Trelise Cooper, Coop, Cooper, Julian Danger, Karen WalkerL-R Julian Danger Carla Cami, Coop Racing Short, Karen Walker Young Willing and Eager Rolled Cuff Dress, Karen Walker Broken Heart Scarf and Eager Dress, Coop Yo Pro Dress.

So now you have your tickets, your specs, your fully charged phone, your cash and no where to put it right? Wrong! We have the two perfect bags for all of your festival essentials and souvenirs -  the “Isla” clutch in camel and the “Harder, Better, Faster” tote. Both will fit everything you need, are the perfect size that you can carry them all day without injuring your shoulder (because who needs that?!)  and will blend in perfectly at whatever festivities you get yourself to this Summer!

Last but not least Paige (our resident make-up guru) has let us in on the biggest festival makeup secret of all - priming and setting! For the perfect festival makeup Paige says: 

Makeup, Foundation, Create Beauty

The pefect foundation base.

Getting yourself a really good primer to apply before your foundation will certainly help to ensure that your base stays flawless throughout the heat of the mosh pit! As for foundation and concealer I would definitely recommend using one that has long wearing properties and there are so many types on the market - you just have to experiment and find what works best for your skin type. Bronzer is something that I would believe is also essential. Bronzer allows you to five your skin a summer glow without the damaging effects that the sun can naturally cause - because I would hope that you’re all applying a generous layer of sunscreen to your face and body before you even put your makeup on!

Bronzer, Makeup, Create Beauty Bronzer for that tanned effect.

The style of makeup that you choose to wear can be as minimal or as out there as you like! The best part of dressing up for a music festival is the option to wear whatever you feel comfortable with, but also don’t be afraid to add decorative elements to your makeup if you really want to be daring! Tribal dots and lines are extremely popular for festival events or go ahead and add a pop of colour to the eye or lip. Finally another trick to keeping your face in place all day and all night long is setting your makeup with a setting spray! Setting spray is another product that is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty world due to it’s ability to lock you makeup in place - no more streaky eyes or foundation!

Makeuo, Create Beauty

Makeup, Tribal, Create Beauty

The perfect festival eye makeup with the addition of on trend tribal dots!

 So now you have the perfect outfit, the perfect accessories and the perfect makeup its time for Summer, sunshine, good friends, music and fashion - because that’s what memories are made of! So go out and enjoy those long days and longer nights on whatever musical expeditions you may venture on and look flawless doing it!

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