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Fashion Feature: Why Tights Are Your New Best Friend

Posted on 10 November 2015


 As the seasons change, a must-have for every fashionista is a good pair of tights. It may seem like a simple addition to the wardrobe, but tights are the key to transforming your summer wardrobe into outfits that you can wear all year around. Every girl should have at least 3 staple tights in their closet - the classic tan pantyhose (as close to your natural skin tone as you can get, and not overly thick), black tights (you can choose if you like thicker tights for winter or the more transparent style for between seasons), and at least one pair of patterned tights (we’ll show you the possibilities). An added bonus about tights is that you can roll them up when travelling so they take up next to no room in your suitcase!



When someone says the word ‘pantyhose’, you may be greeted with instant flashbacks of your grandmother in her pencil skirt and matching hat - but tan or nude pantyhose are great for all ages. Generally quite affordable (you can buy a pack of 7 for under $10), these are your key to perfect legs through the warmer months. Forgot to touch up your tan? Sudden heatwave in the middle of winter? Grab some nude tights and match with some closed toe heels or ankle boots. Wear them under your favourite short shorts, skirts or summer dresses for flawless legs with a hint of bronzer. Make sure they’re thin enough to not look too obvious - and for best results, stay away from the ballerina shimmer styles (unless you want to look like you have plastic legs). There are so many types to choose from - with toeless ones now available if you want to maintain your perfect legs while still rocking those open toed heels you love. They’re also great body shapers, with many brands offering a waist shaper or control panels to give you a summer-ready flat stomach and make your thighs look gorgeous! The possibilities are endless and these are a must-have for any girl! Here’s a few of our favourite styles.

Screen Shot 2015 04 26 at 11.47.04 amScreen Shot 2015 04 26 at 11.47.25 am



Black tights are great as a fashion statement, but also add warmth to any of your summer outfits so that you can continue wearing them through the colder months. Black tights come in two main styles - the thicker style and the transparent style. It’s a personal preference to which you prefer. Try transparent for autumn or spring and then the darker style for winter. Wear them under any of your summer dresses, pair with a scarf or a hat and you’ll see that you’ve instantly transformed your summer sundress into a chic winter look. Layer with a leather jacket or blazer for extra warmth.

Screen Shot 2015 04 26 at 11.35.37 amScreen Shot 2015 04 26 at 11.35.21 am



Print, patterned or novelty tights are only a recent trend, but with so many great designs to choose from, why not play up your outfit? Everything from over-the-knee socks with cats printed on them, ribbons up the back of nude tights and general striped or patterned tights, the possibilities are endless. Wear them with a statement long top to really give emphasis on their unique style, or wear them under skater skirts to add a little something extra. Check out some of our favourite novelty styles.

Screen Shot 2015 04 26 at 11.35.11 amScreen Shot 2015 04 26 at 11.41.34 amA0123070 650x975

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