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Style Staples

Posted on 10 November 2015


Do you ever find that your wardrobe is so full of clothes you don’t wear that you can’t seem to find the ones you do? Having some statement styles on hand at all times can open the doors to numerous looks and outfits that you can wear all year round. We give you our top 5 staple styles that we think every girl should keep in her closet.

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Staple #1. The Classic Blazer
Blazers are the perfect wardrobe essential. They are seasonal and the options for different lengths, styles and shapes are endless. Pastel and white cropped blazers are great for the warmer months, whereas navy, black and greys are great for winter and fall. You can pair them with almost anything and add some class to an otherwise casual ensemble. They also work well with statement necklaces and scarves. Blazers are also versatile in that you can wear them normally or you can take your arms out of the sleeves and drape over your shoulders for a more high fashion look.


Screen Shot 2015 06 07 at 6.40.13 pmScreen Shot 2015 06 07 at 6.40.20 pmScreen Shot 2015 06 07 at 6.40.27 pm

Staple #2. The Black Pump
Every girl should own at least one pair of heels, even if they’re not your preference. Heels can give you better posture, make you appear taller and make your legs look fantastic! Not only that, they can dress up any outfit and take you from the couch to the city. Having a classic black heel means that you will always have one pair of heels to match anything. Pumps are classy and comfortable, and you can always go with a style with a slight platform at the front for added comfort if heels aren’t always your forté. Having a black pair also means they will match almost anything in your wardrobe.


Screen Shot 2015 06 07 at 6.33.00 pmScreen Shot 2015 06 07 at 6.33.10 pmScreen Shot 2015 06 07 at 6.33.55 pm

Staple #3. Red Lippy
“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together” - the great Elizabeth Taylor once spoke these words of advice, and we’ve been following her lead ever since. Always have a good red lipstick on hand. Even with no eye makeup and just a dusting of foundation, a pop of red can brighten up your face, give you a look of confidence and even make you appear more awake if you’re not feeling quite ready to take on the day. Make sure you know your skin tones so that you know if a warm tone or a cool toned red lippy is best for you (yes there is a difference) - but never fear, there’s a red lipstick perfect for every girl.


Screen Shot 2015 06 07 at 6.32.13 pmScreen Shot 2015 06 07 at 6.32.20 pmScreen Shot 2015 06 07 at 6.32.26 pm

Staple #4. The nude & black tight
In a previous blog we mentioned how amazing and versatile tights can be all year round. Make sure you’ve got a pair of nude pantyhose and some black tights stashed away in a drawer to pull on with just about any outfit. They’re guaranteed to make your legs look fantastic as well as add a little more warmth to your look.


Screen Shot 2015 06 07 at 6.30.43 pmScreen Shot 2015 06 07 at 6.30.07 pmScreen Shot 2015 06 07 at 6.29.42 pm

Statement #5. The Hat
You may think that you’re not exactly a hat person, but with so many different hats to choose from - there is certainly a style to suit every haircut and every face shape. A hat can change up your whole look and it’s a great accessory to top off a look. Floppy hats are hugely on trend right now, but you could also try a simple bowler hat, a french beret or even a classic fedora.

These are 5 style staples. Let us know yours!


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